An Invitation

Brainspotting Consultant ~ Integrative Wellness Coach

Joy has 15+ years of experience working with chronic physical and emotional pain and takes a holistic approach to supporting marginalized men, women, and teens in recovery. She is trained in mental health counseling and integrative wellness coaching with advanced certifications in Brainspotting, Alcohol and Drug Counseling, EFT, and Pilates Therapy.


Joy has learned the unique benefits of combining the wisdom of ancient healing practices of the East with innovative science-based modalities of the West. She integrates Expansion Brainspotting in her work as a holistic wellness coach which serves to accelerate transformation and helps individuals tap into their highest potential.


Joy has been on a life-long quest for optimal wellness and in 2020 founded Ahana Wellness to work with fellow health professionals and others ready to experience personal change. She is committed to improving access to quality care for everyone in the community.


If you're not sure if you need a counselor or a coach, connect with Joy to learn more about learning how to let go of limiting beliefs, gain clarity/freedom, a renewed sense of purpose and direction. If that sounds appealing, schedule a Discovery Call today.

"We know what we are,

but know not what we may be."

- Shakespeare