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brain-body management

a simple path toward inner transformation

through a willingness to be still, connect, and observe

Calm Woman

Brainspotting Expansion

If you are new to Brainspotting (or BSP) I hope you will be open to learning about this revolutionary approach to regulating, rewiring, and restoring our collectively frazzled nervous systems. First developed by Dr. David Grand in 2003, this innovative brain/body-based modality is an effective way to address a long list of mental health conditions such as generalized anxiety, addiction, ADHD, PTSD, mood disorders and more.

BSP utilizes an advanced understanding of how the brain and body work together to help us get to the root of the most common presenting issues. Whether your challenge is chronic pain, burnout, grief, or a general sense of anxiety and overwhelm, Brainspotting provides non-invasive tools and techniques that can help access clarity and a healthier sense of self.


Clients introduced to BSP are often amazed by the rapid and deep transformation they can experience after just one session. Working with hundreds of men, women, and teens has helped me develop a future-focused approach that allows them to change from the inside out. My aim is to help mature and young adults learn the tools that help them gain mastery of their nervous system and to move toward wholeness.

The best way to see how BSP can help overcome obstacles to personal growth and help you expand into your highest potential self is to schedule your own personal experience. The BSP community is filled with experienced practitioners offering a wide range of specialties. We are happy to help you find one that fits your individual needs.

create your future self

First, an awakening to the truth of who you are.

The truth that has been there all along, but maybe

did not feel as obvious or accessible before. Then,

you find yourself starting to tune in and begin to

listen to the whispers within. Perhaps this feels

new and strange yet somehow familiar.


As your heart's desires gain clarity, there is

a new opening, a permission to begin to

care about how you feel, and maybe even

start to tend to those feelings. You find yourself 

balancing between prioritizing the needs of others and also making time for own self-care. It's beginning.


Over time, the conflict between the inner and outer

noise becomes less intense, and you start

connecting to new ideas, relationships, possibilities that

feel fresh and aligned with the core of who you are.

This connection and newly acquired compassion for

your "essential self" cracks open the capacity to

connect to others in a deeper and more meaningful way.

And as you connect once again with your true self,

the core essence of who and what you are, you

recognize that you are now creating and more open to exploring possibilities and opportunities

that used to only seem possible for others.


Clients in one of my groups refer to this creative process as Future Selfing. This transformative process of being able to imagine and manifest our highest potential can be accelerated by integrating Brainspotting Expansion. To begin, schedule a discovery call to discuss what this process could look like for you whenever you feel ready.


Expand with Joy

"We humans know how to heal like birds know how to fly." 
Dr. David Grand, founder of Brainspotting

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