Upcoming Events

  • Mind-Body Reboot (1)
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Aug 18
    Interactive Online Group
    Aug 18, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM CDT
    Interactive Online Group
    Special AW Healing Circle using BSP Expansion to embody the "Fundamentals Of Wellness." Learn skills that will help better manage your mind and body so you can befriend your frazzled nervous system. Invite a friend to share this interactive healing experience with you.
  • The EEG, Trauma, and BSP [Recording]
    Now available
    $50 USD
    Learning Objectives: how to identify different types of brain waves on the EEG and specific brain wave patterns for trauma/PTSD; how learning, memory, and fear are processed in the brain; and observe the changes in brain activity after a Brainspotting session.